I met Todd when we both worked for the University of Kansas. He so sweetly talked about his wife, Jess — about how she was so smart and talented, about how he is so lucky to be married to such an amazing woman, and then some. They seemed so perfect: him, a marketing professional who […]

The Beauford miracle babies

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The Beauford family and their miracle babies

What’s the most beautiful you’ve ever felt? If you’re like most women, you’ll probably start to say something like, “My wedding day,” or maybe even something like, “Before I had kids.” Maybe it was when you were in “better shape.” And that’s what I always find heartbreaking. Women so rarely are able to look at […]

The power of boudoir

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Lauren and Elliot are dream clients of mine. I can genuinely say it’s because this couple has become like family to me. When they set up their most recent watch me grow session with their beautiful son Maverick, they invited their extended family along and I couldn’t wait to see them all again! I’ve been […]

Vaughn family watch me grow session

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When I first started out as a young photographer, I briefly spent time in the darkroom. There was something I loved about it… Dipping the film and paper, testing out different processes to get the perfect printed photos. It was an art that was empowering and beautiful, even though it took so much labor. But […]

The art of print: Why you deserve the time-honored tradition of printed photos

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Album of printed photos

I remember telling everyone I knew about the first time I got to shoot Andy and Brogan. What seemed at first to be a quiet, unassuming demeanor, I quickly saw how much they absolutely adore each other. I talked about their session for weeks! Fast forward to just a handful of weeks ago, and their […]

Brogan + Andy’s gorgeous Loose Mansion wedding

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Groom dips his bride while leaning in for a kiss

I first had the opportunity to document the life of the Van Nice family (Jennifer, Brandon, and their kiddos Charlotte and Nicholas) back in 2017, when they had just grown from a family of three to a family of four. It was hard not to fall in love with them back then.  But this time? […]

The Van Nice family celebration photos

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Extended Van Nice family in the woods

When the story of the O’Bryhim family began, I had already known both Chad and Darcey for years thanks to our days at Baker University. Chad and I worked closely together through our school newspaper, where I swear he’d tell you I only made a handful of journalism students cry (oops!). I’ve long know, too, […]

The O’Bryhim family photo session

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The O'Bryhim family

I met Cassidy and Lucas last year at Luc’s sister’s wedding (hi, Beca and Layne!) and I remember thinking, “WOWZA. This couple is smokin’ hot.” But also, I thought they were so incredibly cute together. Turns out, they’ve basically been cute together their whole lives, because—brace yourself—they’ve already been together for eight years! Turns out, […]

Cass and Luc’s romantic lakeside wedding

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Newlyweds in Kansas

Awhile back, I posted these photos I was obsessed over of a newly engaged couple who brought their cats (yes, you read that right—cats!) to their engagement session. I was so head over heels with this couple and how fun, quirky, and in love they were. When I learned they’d be having a Topeka Zoo […]

Rachael and Brandon’s Non-Traditional Topeka Zoo Wedding

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Newlyweds at the Topeka Zoo

The past few months have been exceptionally hard on me as a dog mom. I shared news awhile back that my sweet Pug, Bianca, was dealing with an illness similar to Lou Gehrig’s Disease where her body sort of just quit working for her. It became fairly obvious that it was Bianca’s time to go […]

The realities of being a dog mom

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