Thank you so much for looking at my work! I'm so excited you've found me.

I'm a little crazy (in the good way) and have been known to scale any rock or ladder I need just to get the shot.

I love laughing until we cry, getting my hands in the dirt, late summer nights, and the feeling I get when I’ve taken a photo I know will be cherished later. 

Artistic by nature, I love home design, have dabbled in oil painting, and also used to be a professional graphic designer. I have a passion for finding and creating beauty in all things.

You can't meet me without learning I am huge animal lover. In fact, I just bought my newest rescue pup, Ady, to the family. I also have a niece and nephew I will talk about like they're my own. The little life I’ve built here in Lawrence is what I cherish most in this world.

If you’re into images that feel real—ones you’ll be proud to show your grandkids someday—and you want to make a best friend along the way, let's chat. I can’t wait to meet you!

Dogs are the way to my heart!
I love animals and I'm a proud pit mom. Your furry children are welcome
at all of my sessions! 

A lazy Sunday morning, filled
with coffee, movies, and cinnamon rolls
are my go-to! Anyone?

Home Goods and Target are my guilty pleasures!
Could we go shopping together?

My partners in crime, the loves of
my life.
Meet Logan and Leah, my nephew and niece, who are the center of my whole world and love their crazy KeKe.

I’m obsessed with food. Cooking it, eating it, instagramming it.
Yup. I’m THAT person.