When the story of the O’Bryhim family began, I had already known both Chad and Darcey for years thanks to our days at Baker University. Chad and I worked closely together through our school newspaper, where I swear he’d tell you I only made a handful of journalism students cry (oops!). I’ve long know, too, […]

The O’Bryhim family photo session

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The O'Bryhim family

I met Cassidy and Lucas last year at Luc’s sister’s wedding (hi, Beca and Layne!) and I remember thinking, “WOWZA. This couple is smokin’ hot.” But also, I thought they were so incredibly cute together. Turns out, they’ve basically been cute together their whole lives, because—brace yourself—they’ve already been together for eight years! Turns out, […]

Cass and Luc’s romantic lakeside wedding

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Newlyweds in Kansas

Awhile back, I posted these photos I was obsessed over of a newly engaged couple who brought their cats (yes, you read that right—cats!) to their engagement session. I was so head over heels with this couple and how fun, quirky, and in love they were. When I learned they’d be having a Topeka Zoo […]

Rachael and Brandon’s Non-Traditional Topeka Zoo Wedding

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Newlyweds at the Topeka Zoo

The past few months have been exceptionally hard on me as a dog mom. I shared news awhile back that my sweet Pug, Bianca, was dealing with an illness similar to Lou Gehrig’s Disease where her body sort of just quit working for her. It became fairly obvious that it was Bianca’s time to go […]

The realities of being a dog mom

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One of the things I love about wedding days is how much I get to learn about a couple, and Alyssa and Trevor’s gorgeous Kansas City wedding definitely kept me on my toes. It was obvious from the moment I met them they have a sweet, loving relationship. And there’s good reason for that—they have […]

Alyssa + Trevor’s stunning Kansas City wedding

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Newlyweds kissing in Kansas City

One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with since the breakout of COVID-19 is what to tell my soon-to-be married couples. How do you begin adjusting a wedding for COVID-19, anyway? With so much uncertainty in our world, I haven’t known what to say. First, I went directly to them, which was the […]

Adjusting a wedding for COVID-19

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Meet Katie and Jason. Their love story began five years ago when being in the same business fraternity together in college. Katie says she instantly thought he was so cute. Now, even after saying, “I Do,” she still thinks he’s cute and you could say the feeling is mutual. They are absolutely in love and […]

Katie + Jason: A Romantic Cider Gallery Wedding

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Meet Kylee and Taylor. This immense amount of joy and laughter and love that I was able to witness at their wedding still brings me so much joy. Thank you so much for choosing me to capture all the wonderfulness your love brought together. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Cheers to Kylee and […]

Kylee + Taylor: A Lavish Topeka Wedding

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Meet Angie and Talon. This adorable couple is such a joy to be around. Their two children (pups) are also the cutest things in the world and I not-so-secretly want their pug to get married to my pug. OMG, how freaking cute would a pug wedding be?! Back to the point… Angie and Talon have […]

Angie + Talon: An Elegant Lawrence Wedding

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